Is It Worth Paying For Professional House Cleaners?


If you have a busy schedule, you can barely make time for your friends and family, let alone for cleaning your home. Of course, even if you run on a tight schedule, it doesn’t excuse living in a home that hasn’t been cleaned in days or weeks. Many busy professionals contemplate whether or not it makes sense to pay for house cleaning services. After all, you have the ability to pay someone to do the dreaded chores. When it comes down to crunching numbers, here are some things to consider:

1. Get An Estimate

House cleaners can charge quite a bit of money, but on average, you can see charges of anywhere from a mere $15 per hour up to $45 per hour. Of course, these are just estimated basic charges and a residential cleaning service provider will often charge according to your lifestyle, the types of cleaning products used, and the extensiveness of the cleaning necessary. Make sure to get an estimate before jumping to conclusions!

2. Calculate Your Own Worth

It may seem silly, but consider how much money you earn per hour at work. Then, time yourself on how long it takes for you to clean your own home. This will generally give you an idea of how much time you would need to spend away from work or other obligations while you clean your home. Of course, every person’s net worth is different and for some, the easiest solution to cleaning is hiring a maid.

3. Independent Vs. Corporate Cleaners

Pricing will be quite different when you compare local independent maid services like a Rancho San Diego cleaning company versus a big corporate cleaning company. You will find that corporate cleaners charge up to 50% more than independent cleaners, but they’re also bonded and insured in case of theft or accidents. On the other hand, you can get much cheaper services by opting to hire a local maid service, but keep in mind they should be able to come up with a few references.

4. Make A List Of Needs

To get an idea of what you will be charged by a cleaning service, make a list of services that you need done. Most services commonly listed by homeowners are considered to be standard by most cleaning companies. However, if you specifically need something done such as dusting, making the beds or ironing, be prepared to be charged extra each visit. You can, however, easily keep costs down by opting to do the smaller chores around the house yourself or with your partner. By splitting the responsibilities, you will save yourself money.

It’s not an easy question to answer whether it’s worth hiring cleaning services or not. The reality is that you need to consider how badly you need help, how much money you can spend, and what your own expectations are before you make the final call. Bear in mind, if there are certain chores or services like plumbing that you can do on your own if you choose to do, but in the end is it worth it?.

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